Syn Yao Enterprise Co., Ltd

— Manufacturer of the Highest-Quality Professional Curtain Track in the World

Company Introduction

Established in 1980, Syn Yao Enterprise Co, Ltd started as a custom metal forming hardware producer. In 1998, the company successfully expanded to become a curtain track manufacturer. With a continuing evolution in technical knowledge, engineering capabilities and production automation techniques, Syn Yao eagerly and actively strives to develop more diversified curtain track products as well as peripheral drapery hardware components.

Operation Concepts

Our core concepts are simple – Quality and Reliability!

In today’s competitive environment, for others, price seems to be a main focus and criteria of manufacturing. But for Syn Yao, QUALITY remains foremost. We believe that, insistence on producing the highest quality products, we can provide our customers with exceptional quality and product consistency, giving the greatest opportunity for steady sales growth. Working together with our partners to forge long-term customer loyalty by providing reliable quality products at a reasonable price, we give our customers the edge.

While many manufacturers have moved to low cost of country in consideration of production costs, Syn Yao has maintained its operation concept and manufacturing on quality. Therefore, we provide career opportunity and an excellent working environment to our local community. By doing so, Syn Yao has built an irreplaceable cohesive force of dedicated and long-term employees.

In 2009, expansion added our surface-processing factory unit to enhance the control of quality to every segment and process of production. Today, with all the necessary equipment to produce various curtain track products, and the support from our expert engineering, design and R&D teams, Syn Yao has the capability of offering high-specification customization and the ability to deliver efficient on-time service. Time will continue to prove, that with premier quality and reasonable price, Syn Yao maintains loyalty and trust from our customers around the world.

To our customers, we are not only the most consistent curtain track manufacturer, but also are the most strict and quality-conscious supplier offering superior quality. With all of the added value that we provide to our partners, we strive to nurture our long-term partnerships with a strong and reliable business ethic.